Web security

It's a wild, wild web out there. Stay safe.

Achieve comprehensive web security to safeguard your diligent efforts.

Your website is more than a simple online presence. It’s the hub of your business, brand, store, and social community, representing all the incredible things you offer to the world. For this reason, it’s crucial to safeguard it with an SSL Certificate, Website Security, and Website Backup. These measures are the easiest way to ensure your safety in the unpredictable world of the internet.

Encrypt with an SSL Certificate

Protects your site by encrypting sensitive data, like customer info.

Archive with Website Backup

Creates a backup copy of your website and data. (Just in case.)

Protect with Website Security

Runs daily scans for security threats and removes them from your site.

Managed SSL Service

We handle the install and maintenance of your SSL
$ 153.99 Yearly
  • Easy to use


Speak the language of security with an SSL.
$ 36.99 Yearly
  • Secure your website

Website Backup

Keep your data safe while you grow your business.
$ 2.99 Monthly
  • Automatic backups

Keep your customers protected.

When people visit a site that doesn’t have an SSL certificate, their browsers warn them: This connection is not secure.

That message can wreck the reputation of a business. It erodes trust, prompting those potential customers to leave that website — and maybe never come back.

Website Security

Stop malware in its tracks.

Avoid malware, hacks, unexpected downtime, and other security issues with Website Security. Our daily scans detect any malicious activity and alert you immediately, so you can take action before any damage is done. We also remove any security threats from your site, ensuring its safety and security.

Website Backup

Never lose a thing.

In the event of server crashes and security breaches, having a reset option becomes crucial. With Website Backup, you can schedule automatic backups of your website, ensuring that you always have a safe version at your disposal. Being proactive is the key to maintaining site security, and this tool empowers you to do just that.